CYG – YIN CNC Cutter HY-SN Series

Automatic Machine Applicable For Made-to-measure Operations


CYG – YIN CNC Cutter HY-SN Series is an automatic machine applicable for Made-to-Measure operations

The up and down reciprocating straight blade cutting is utilized to make the cutting more faster and precisely.
The cutting arc and blade can be automatically adjusted to make the cutting more precisely.
Segmented absorption and segmented cutting make the spreading, cutting and pick-up operations to be
developed simultaneously.

CNC Cutter HY-SN Series has a fault self-diagnosis function which makes the operations more simple.

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Brand:CYG - YIN

Updated Features

1、Four-sided electronic safety bar: It protects the machine and human safety to the greatest extent.

2、Easier maintenance of the machine: The procedures for maintenance of the vacuum pump and electric
control box are simplified and the maintenance becomes easier.

3、Appearance upgrade: Innovative family-style and technological-sense appearance design.

4、Brand upgrade: The key components are updated which improves the machine quality and reduce the