Automatic Equipments Applicable for Mass Cutting Operations


CYG – YIN’s CNC Cutter HY-HCN automatic computerized cutting system is specifically designed for your mass production cutting needs. Optimized with reciprocating knife technology. The HY-HCN automated fabric cutter provides precise results while operating at high speeds, producing an effortless array of lines, shapes, and arcs.

It is equipped with dust collecting device, which helps save maintenance time and improve the service life
of equipment and consumables.

The cutter head is L-shape designed and the main drive shaft structure is optimized to make the equipment
running more smoothly. It is also equipped with new high-efficiency energy-saving pump to reduce the equipment noise, and it can reduce power and save energy but in the same performance.

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Brand:CYG - YIN

Updated Features

1. Cylinder type re-covering: More timely and effective re-covering method is used based on the cutting traces so that the negative pressure is guaranteed to the maximum.

2. Integrated processing: It has greater integral stability and higher frame rigidity to ensure the cutting
accuracy and working precision of the guide rails.

3. Optimized vacuum pipe: It can reduce the noises and vibrations arising from the operation of the cutter
and achieve less vacuum attenuation and smoother air flow.

4. Four-sided electronic safety bar: It protects the machine and human safety


5. Easier maintenance of the machine: The procedures for maintenance of the vacuum pump and electric
control box are simplified and the maintenance becomes easier.

6. Control by wireless controller: The movable machine is controlled by remote controller and then the safety
of operations is improved.

7. Appearance upgrade: Innovative family-style and technological-sense appearance design.

8. Brand upgrade: The key components are updated which improves the machine quality and reduce the