Weishi ASF-B01/LBH-1790

High-speed Automatic Sewing Machine For Placket Buttonholing


Weishi ASF-B01/LBH-1790  is a machine for shirt buttonholing sewing.

Features :
– Automation
– User-friendly interface
– The person without professional knowledge can operate within a short time
– One person also controls several machines at the same time.

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Technical Feature


1. Automatic operation, prefeeding and automatic stacker enables one person to control several machines meanwhile

2. Intelligent operation and controllable sewing quality reduce labor intensity and dependence on skilled workers

3. Laser correction function makes keyhole straightness and consistency good, and the error is within 0.5mm

4. Servo motor synchronous follow, precise positioning of keyhole spacing, with error controlled within 0.5mm

5. Three sets of vertical compression devices, ensure the straightness and accuracy of the keyhole

6. In view of the unlined placket(elastic, soft cloth). An adjustable suction setting is adopted to ensure keyhole straightness

7. Keyhole spacing can be set freely(number of equidistance or non-equidistance)

8. Auto detecting threading cutting ensures sewing efficiency, emergency stop device makes sure safety operation


Maximum sewing speed(needle/min)  2700
Needle/mm DPX17#11J-#14J
Lifting height of pressure presser foot/mm    ≤13


11.8 tex~7.4texX3~6(50S~80S/3~6)  Z-twisted cotton thread or chemical fiber thread

Buttonhole length/mm


Spacing between buttonhole and sewing material edge/mm:   


Maximum converying distance of sewing material/mm


Upper and spacking/mm


Standard button sewing pattern


Storage quantity of automatic process program

20 pieces

Setting range of buttonhole sewing  

2-20 pieces

Rated voltage/V


Air consumption L/mim


Equipment dimension/mm


Operating air pressure/Mpa


Equipment weight/Kg