Takatori SRC-125

Servo Round Cloth Cutting Machine


Fabric Cutting Machine Octagonal Servo Motor TAKATORI SRC 125

Cutting Machine with Octagonal Blade Using Servo Motor Technology. Octagonal Cutting Machine (Octagonal Cloth Cutting Machine) is very helpful in cutting materials that are difficult to do with ordinary scissors, in general, they are also more flexible in cutting patchwork and parts of the fabric that are difficult to work with.

Lightweight, Energy Saving because the power used depends on usage and really helps the user to maneuver when cutting the material being worked on

Serves to cut all types of Thin to Thick Materials (Fabric, Leather, etc.) with a maximum size of 3.5″ (+/- 7 cm)


– Knife Sharpening Knob
– Hand Protector
– Speed Control
– Built-in LED Light


300 Watt electricity
3.5″ Inch cutting capacity
Max. Speed 1,200 rpm

Whats in The Box

– 1x SRC125 Takatori Cutting Machine
– 1x Power Cord Set
– 1x Instruction Manual (English)
– 1x Whetstone
– 1x Carbon Brush
– 1x Tube Oil
– 1x L Screwdriver and Knife Unlock Key