Sprayway 833

Oil Spot Remover

Removes oil, grease and most food stains.
Can be used on Plastic, Rubberized Fabric or Leather.
Do not let the spray fall on a varnished or varnished surface
When used on Cotton, Wool, Silk, Corduroy, Non, other synthetic materials, check the color fastness of df mazi cleaned by testing in a hidden area.

Shake before use then Open Close.
Hold the can and spray the area to be cleaned.
Let the white powder dry completely.
Drying time is approximately 4 minutes depending on the condition of the fabric.
Repeat spraying if the cloth contains sugar from food or drink, it may need sun water after being sprayed with SPOT LIFTER.

Be careful if hit
• Eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation.
*Avoid prolonged contact. Use sparingly
• Long term exposure: Keep away from heat.
Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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