Unit Production Hanger System


SmartMRT is a Unit Production Hanger System that acts as an all-efficient workflow manager by dramatically expanding your existing production capacity while cutting down throughput time, thus reducing your overhead costs and increasing your profits.

With SmartMRT’s highly advanced computerized system that tracks and records every stage of production in real-time, your workflow is made simple, neat and effortless.

The result: cheaper, better and faster production that is guaranteed to be an everlasting delight to you, your workers and your clients.


How SmartMRT Works :

  1. Worker loads the pieces in a hanger from the loading station
  2. The hanger routes to the next station
  3. Product is put together at every stage at each subsequent sewing station
  4. Product gets checked at the quality & control station (in line)
  5. Product continues to be pieced together at the next subsequent stations
  6. Final product gets checked and approved
  7. Approved product lands at the unloading station
  8. Empty hanger returns to the loading station

Smart Functions


  • High-resistant, solid metal structure that is adaptable to varying factory conditions
  • Flexible hangers made of industry-strength ABS plastic that can withstand harsh working conditions
  • Microchip attached to each hanger that stores data swiftly into the main CPU
  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy-to-use control panels
  • Collection of real-time data via strong anti-interference RFID technology
  • Automatically records each worker’s working hours
  • Customisable to fit manufacturer’s operations, onsite layout and conditions
  • Detects defective product and automatically returns it to the originating work station
  • Sensitive safety features that can detect technical faults
  • Clean, neat and organised work production reduces the need for cleaning and ironing
  • Improved workers’ welfare and productivity through a consistent and smooth workflow
  • Very short delivery and response time
  • Accurate quality control and tracking at every stage of the production
  • Real-time tracking and record of each worker’s performance and productivity easily meets buyer’s compliance requirements
  • Effective resource distribution based on worker’s performance accurately tabulated over time
  • Workers can log-off and shift workers log-in easily since production is calculated automatically
  • Easily handles multiple designs, small and huge order

Smart Features & Benefits

  • Automated transportation of assembly parts significantly reducing labour costs and time
  • Drastic reduction in throughput time by up to 95% due to the elimination of transportation, bundle and handling time as each assembly part is automatically sent to the next operator
  • Reduced work-in-progress results in uninterrupted workflow
  • Huge reduction in excessive work
  • Reduces sewing time by 50% and above
  • Lower work-in-progress means little or no spending on inventory in advance