Silverstar Eunsung SR-5800

Steam Generator


Silverstar Eunsung SR-5800Steam
Steam Generator

1. 4-level security system process
2. Notification for automatic water supply using LED
3. Drain system
4. The steam produced is large
5. Electrical parts are internationally certified according to the specifications of IEC (VED,UL,CSA,CE,CQC etc)

Original Product Made in Korea


Product Features and Advantages

> Possesses 4 level security system
> A notice LED for automatic water supply
> Water waste system
> Powerful and dry steam
> Internationally certified electric and electronic
parts used (CE, VDE, UL, CSA, CQC)
> The plastic exterior

*SE-2000 steam iron included


Electricity  120 / 220v
Wattage_Steam Generator  1300w
Wattage_Iron  120v / 800w
Wattage_Iron  220v / 1000ww
Weight  8.5kgs
Size  415 x 240 x 300h
Included Iron  SE-2000