Silverstar Eunsung BSP-300II

All Steam Iron


Silverstar Eunsung BSP-300II
All Steam Iron 100 x 204mm

1. Lightweight and easy to use for narrow-cut irons
2. Classified into two categories, irons for middle processing and irons for finishing processes
3. The steam button switch has an excellent design and has a responsive function
4. The product is strong and has a comfortable grip, so it doesn’t get tired quickly when used for a long time
5. Have double safety cut-out system
6. Electrical parts are internationally certified according to the specifications of IEC (VED, UL, CSA, CE, CQC etc)

Complete with Iron, Tank, Hose, Filter, Teflon Shoe and Iron Rest

Original Product Made in Korea


Product Features and Advantages

> All stainless steel base
> high reliance steam body
> Urethane handle
> Up grade waste water valve
> Steam volume adjustment
> Zipper style steam hose cover
> Superb function & refined design


Steam valve type Push Type
Size 100 x 204mm
Usage  Under Pressing
Weight 1.33kgs
Cover  Included