Silverstar Eunsung BSP-200

All Steam Iron


Silverstar Eunsung BSP-200
All Steam Iron 60 x 190mm

1. Lightweight and easy to use for narrow-cut irons
2. Classified into two categories, irons for middle processing and irons for finishing processes
3. The steam button switch has an excellent design and has a responsive function
4. The product is strong and has a comfortable grip, so it doesn’t get tired quickly when used for a long time
5. Have a double safety cut-out system
6. Electrical parts are internationally certified according to the specifications of IEC (VED, UL, CSA, CE, CQC, etc)

Original Product Made in Korea


Product Features and Advantages

> All stainless steel base
> Urethane handle
> Up grade waste water valve
> Steam volume adjustment
> Refined design and easy repair
> Zipper style steam hose cover
> Long lasting steam valve


Steam valve type Push Type
Size 60x 190 mm
Usage Under Pressing
Weight 1.05kgs
Cover  Included