Silverstar China ES-300

Steam Iron


Silverstar China ES-300
Steam Iron 1200watt

1. Light and easy to use for scrubbing between narrow spaces
2. Classified into two categories, irons for middle processing and irons for finishing processes
3. The steam button switch has an excellent design and has a responsive function (temperature knob)
4. The product is strong and has a comfortable grip, so it doesn’t get tired quickly when used for a long time
5. Double safety cut-out system
6. Level of temperature adjustment using Button : 1-2level: pre-heating / 3 level: silk / 4 level: cotton, wool / 5 level: linen etc
7. Electrical parts are internationally certified according to the specifications of IEC (VED, UL, CSA, CE, CQC etc)
8. Equipped with Safety Thermostat

What You Got in the Box

> Iron
> Tank
> Hose
> Filter
> Teflon Shoe 
> Iron Rest


Tank Capacity 4l
Size 120 x 209mm
Power 1200watt
Silicon Hose 2m
Vapor Emission Method  One Touch Button Switch Type