Ruizhou RZGIC-12016-2H

Intelligent Garment CNC Cutting Machine


Single-ply cutter Static bed 2 cutting head with projectors

● Suitable for shirt cutting and symmetric materials cutting. Achieved zero manual cutting, and automatic and intelligent cutting in the garment industry.
● Achieved integrates functions of checks and strips fabric cutting, printed fabric matching, and collar cutting.
● The machine automatically received layers of data from the software. Two kinds of oscillating cutting tools for single or
multi layer fabric cutting respectively.
● The ERP and MES systems are able to plan for production automatically and intelligently or read the files directly.
● Intelligent maintenance and management of fabric data, intelligent recognition of sample file data.
● The software are able to save the documents automatically.
● Intelligent nesting and the utilization of the materials improves by 3%-5%.


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A Whole Piece Aluminum Platform

Adopting the honeycomb structure principle, it is strong, anti-corrosion, durable, sound-absorbing, and heat-insulating.


Welding Stable Machine Structure

The machine form was welded, avoiding the deviation caused by the vibration when it works. Highly stable.


Gear Rack & Screw Lever

Adopting a linear guide from Taiwan as the gear rail ensures high speed and stable working quality and high accuracy.


Safety Device

Being equipped with an infrared sensor and emergency stop devices at the four corners of the machine, guarantees safety.

Fast and Convenient Tools Changing

A set of advanced and fast optional tools meets different demands according to the customers’ material.


Adopting Advanced Frequency Converter

It saves power by 30% when compared with others.

Multi-layer Materials Feeding Shelf

Equipped with motor and pneumatic clip, it can send 4 layers materials once at a time, precisely.