Ruizhou RZCAM5-1209A

Intelligent Pattern Cutting Machine


Card board cutter / cutting plotter 1200x900mm

RUIZHOU RZCAM series cutting machines are mostly used for patterns or sample making. This digital cutting machine works with a computer, therefore, any design shape can be sent to this machine for your cutting purpose. It is widely used in footwear, garment, and bag industries. It can create accurate shoes, garments, and bag patterns on standard pattern paper, cardboard, PVC, plastic, etc.

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Innovative Features


⚫Adopting American imported CPU and precise electronic component, which guarantees the stability and operability reach world-class level.

⚫Adopted imported linear guide, ensuring high precision pattern cutting. The cutting accuracy reaches to zero error of to and back from the origin point.

⚫ Widely applied to industries such as footwear, bag, advertisement and printing, electronics, etc.

⚫With the independently researched and developed embedded CNC system, we own a complete intellectual property that ensures a sustained product upgrading service. The individualized HMI is beautiful, the price-cost ratio is high, the maintenance cost low and the peroration is easy.

⚫ An accurate laser location device and original precise cutting head, permit the machine can be applied to various industries with high accuracy cutting requirements.