Richpeace RPSP-NM-ID-1-1800-Ⅰ-WC2-FF-1P220

Servo Motor Magic Inkjet Plotter


MAGIC JET printing plotter by RICHPEACE is a modern device that facilitates the precise preparation of template prints, used in the clothing, furniture, footwear and other industries.

New generation two-head plotter combining high printing speed with high accuracy. The applied technological solutions make it possible to reduce the printing time of ready-made markers. A solid and simple structure based on extremely durable elements. Installation of plotter takes place in a very short time, and the simple and transparent way of operating the plotter facilitates the operation of people without experience in working with this type of devices.

The plotter software allows you to print layouts from different CAD systems. The replaceable element in the plotter are HP cartridges used in printers and generally available in computer stores.

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  • Using HP no 45 Cartridge – black only
  • Suitable for variety paper type, with gramation 30-120 g
  • Feeding & Receiving paper bar at the front side of the machine
  • Automatic paper feeding & receiving
  • Auto warning when paper out or paper jam
  • Possible to operate with share system (HUB)
  • Can connect with any brand CAD system
  • LED Screen


Interface : USB port or LAN port
Max Paper width : 185 cm
Max Plotting width : 183 cmm (72″)
File Format : HPGL or PLT
Speed : 70 m2/hour
Power : AC220 v / 50 Hz (±10%)

Model 180-machine size: 2527mm×504mm×1032mm (length×width×height)

Product Dimension

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No. of Cartridge 2 or 4
Paper Feeding System Auto-Feeding Paper
Plotting Speed 72㎡/h(Two Cartridges)
140㎡/h(Four Cartridges)
Paper Weight 35kg
Motor Type Servo Motor
Bitmap Printing Allow
Hardware Interface USB2.0/ Network Cable RJ45
Compatible Software Compatible with Most Garment CAD
Cartridge Type HP45
Plotting Resolution 0.025mm
File Format HPGL/PLT
Working Environment 0-40°C
Power Supply AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz
Total Power 0.4kW