Richpeace RPFP-NM-PD+DKC+TC-1

Computerized Template Cutting Machine (Sheet Milling Machine)


Richpeace RPFP-NM-PD+DKC+TC-1-1500×1200-SGAF-P+K+MC2-NA-1P220

Computerized Template Cutting Machine (Sheet Milling Machine)

Function : Tungsten milling knife + Drilling knife + marking pen
(optional: paper pattern cutting knife + pen marking )
Integrated multi functions to fulfill the production demand, and improve the quality and efficiency.


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  • Automatically knife pressure function could reduce the frequency of setting on different materials and protect the cutting table.


  •  Powerful 1400watts suction system and double jig fixing set solved the problem of small pieces cutting material or double-layer material cutting and reduced the wastage.
  • Air permeable industry cutting felt table: highly air permeable, highly wearable and anti-cutting features.


  • CNC special circulating water cooling system, has the functions of auto-alarm of water temperate and circulation, if the main shaft temperate is over, machine will stop automatically. So that it makes sure the better cooling and better working performance.


Max 600mm/s
Cutting Method Multi sizes Milling Knife, optional paper cutting knife

Cutting Thickness

≤10mm. Two layers of normal templates at the same time

Milling knife rated speed


Working Humidity

≤85% (25°C)
Voltage 220V±10%
Standard configuration CNC special purpose circulating water cooler, industry vacuum 
Template Fixing method Powerful 1400watts suction system and double jig fixing set
Cutting precision
Cooling system
Water Cooling