Richpeace RPFP-NM-ID+PD+SKC-1

3 in 1 Cutting Machine


Richpeace automatic 3-in-1 cutting machine for different single layer material

Richpeace RPFP-NM-ID+PD+SKC-1-1500×1800-SGSF-WC2+P+CK-AF-3P380

1. One Cutting Machine Three functions: Cutting/Inkjet printing/Pen drawing.

2. Working type:
(1). Inkjet printing + round knife / straight knife /vibrating blade;
(2). Pen drawing + round knife / straight knife / vibrating blade;
(3). Inkjet printing / Pen drawing / round knife / straight knife / vibrating blade.

3. Standard configuration: Round knife + Inkjet printing +Pen drawing +ordinary feeding device.


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  • The auto feeding system can match with roll fabric to raise working efficiency

  • Constant laser beam ensures consistent cut on different positions during large area cutting

  • Detachable machine body design facilitates machine packing and delivery

  • The software can be well-matched with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc to implement the engraving graphic by original graphic

  • Support images format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PLT, CDR, DMG, DXF, DST

Optional devices:

(1). Vibrating blade/straight knife (Only one type of knife is available when inkjet printing or pen drawing at work);

(2). Constant tension automatic feeding device (suitable for heavy fabric roll, automatic alignment by laser);

(3). Air pump.


Max. cutting area 1500*1800 mm
Cutting method Round knife, vibrating blade(option), straight knife(option)
Max. cutting thickness Round knife: 3 mm; vibrating blade: 8 mm; straight knife: 4 mm
Vibrating blade speed

18000 rpm

Plotting method HP45 2-cartridge + pen drawing
Type of pen Gel pen, ball pen, mark pen
Mechanical precision 0.02 mm
Data format HPGL/PLT