Richpeace RPCQ-ST-1-2526-2-L,S50

Ultra-Soft and Ultra-Heavy Material Quilting Machine


Richpeace RPCQ-ST-1-2526-2-L,S50
Single Head Quilting Machine

Richpeace quilting machine with 1:1 design, fixed quilting frame, quilting head & saddler moving with X & Y direction respectively for quilting work, greatly improved pattern precision.
Maximum quilting dimension up to 3.2m.

This machine is widely used for producing all kinds of bedding products, such as: bed quilts, comforters, bed cover, bed mat, sleeping bags, mattress cover, sofa cover etc.

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  • Maximum Speed: 3000RPM, suggested working speed at 2500-2800RPM. Supporting belt equipped, able to rigid the material during quilting process, avoid material sinking.


  • Minimized the machine size, resolved the traditional 2 times or 4 times moving frame type machine floor plan occupation problem. Increased the utilization of factory area.


  • Auto-lifting machine head, after completed a quilting work, machine head is lifted up for easy replacement of new material frame. Specially designed quilting head, presser foot with individual driving, suitable for quilting material of various thickness.
  • Extendable quilting frame, able to adjust the desirable size of quilting freely.
  • Full servo motor control, providing powerful and accurate driving force.
  • Working between needle and rotary hook are using non-touching design, reduce the needle and rotary hook wear and tear problem, longer the rotary hook usage lifetime.
  • Koban jumbo rotary hook and bobbin case.
  • Thread broken detection: thread broken occurred then machine stopped. Re-threading, machine head move back to thread broken location to continue the quilting.


Model RPQP-NM-SIS-1-2500×2600-SDM-LS50-VR2-SDB-3P380
Speed 3000rpm
Power 4kw
Size 4460×4030×1500