Richpeace RP-GMS

CAD Garment Software System


Richpeace GMS (Garment Marker System) can read design grading system files, dual interfaces can nest together. Providing Supernest, Automatic, manual and interactive, and other various nesting ways. The Supernest is our international-level innovative technology.

The system can automatically finish one layer of the marker in a very short period, the fabric utilization can be or even higher than the manual nesting. Especially prevent the horizontal & vertical shading and mixed shading problems. It is possible to process multiple marker jobs in a queue. Save time and improve productivity. Manual nesting, flexible sloping patterns, fine-tuning and good utilization of fabrics.

GMS tailor-made cap function can be used for making toys, gloves, underwear, etc. Copy, inverted truss function to achieve high utilization of the fabric.
GMS can read various HPGL files successfully, import the plot files of HPGL and the cutter format files and re-nesting. GMS can be expected to quickly calculate the amount of cloth used and the number of pieces to be cut, increase production efficiency, increase control over the market, and save time and money.
The system supports nesting and cutting of the inner contours, connecting with output devices, printing small samples, drawing and cutting 1:1 patterns.


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Product Feature


* A special CAD system composes production markers manually or automatically for more efficient use of materials
* Can be used for matching functions (sweet competition) for channel materials and motifs
* There are 2 work desks for markers
* There is a function to add information in the pattern
* Can change the direction of the fiber material
* There is a calculation function for orders with irregular ratios
* There is a function for group nesting (shading material)
* Easy-to-use image-shaped toolbar
* DXF/HPGL output files for printing on a plotter