Richpeace RP-DGS

CAD Garment Software System


Richpeace DGS is a software module to draw garment patterns digitally.

A customized Interface and User-defined toolbar can be set. The designer can set their own suitable working theme toolbar and design their own user interface. It can be Menswear, Womenswear, Children wear, underwear toolbar etc.

It has the Free Design feature where designers can freely draw the pattern pieces with their own habits.

Custom-made formula design mode, capability for a huge library and size spec data on basic style instantly available. Allow to save and modify the existing library data, and shorten the pattern work for the designer. Completely solve the routine job on designer and pattern designer. Recall an existing design in the DGS system, and various sizes can be created with referring to a given size table.

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Product Feature

– The most important feature is integrated modification: including design lines linkage,patterns and design lines linkage, transfer dart tool,move and rotate adjust tool, mirror tool and other tools linkage, adjust one part and all other relevant parts are modified together, notch, buttonhole, drill, dart, pleat and other elements can also be linked.

  - Design & Grading part keep the original garment CAD software function, it can add dart, transfer dart, add pleats and so on, it provide rich seam styles, process identification, Various customizable line types. Allows users to create their own unit library, such as collars, cuffs, etc., and load them directly when used.

  - Grading part provide a variety of grading methods: design lines and patterns can be automatically grading,point grading, arrow keys grading, regular grading, and proportional grading, parallel grading and other special grading tools.

 - The button, grain line, notch, drill and other identifying can be edit on the design lines in grading part.

  - Grading part provides down content function, calculating the amount of filling of the whole piece or part,which is convenient for the down apparel company to calculate the amount and cost.

 -  Grading part provides digital input function, and the efficiency and precision of the input patterns are much higher than those of the traditional digitizer.

  - Import other formats such as DXF, AAMA/ASTM/AUTOCAD.