Pegasus W(T)200P Series

Oil Barrier Type, Variable Top Feed, Small Cylinder Bed, Interlock Stitch Machine


Pegasus W(T)200P is a series of Oil barrier type,(variable top feed) small cylinder bed, interlock stitch machine

It is consisted of :
W200P : Small cylinder bed , Interlock stitch machine
WT200P : Variable top feed, small cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines”

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“Oil Barrier” type machines that completely block oil leakage.

The needle bar and looper shaft (only for W600P series) include a newly designed seal and recently developed bushing, exerting dramatic “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, preventing oil leakage and oil splashes. And maintenance is very simple and easy, such as change the oil seal.

This “Oil Barrier” feature completely blocks even one drop of oil leaking from the needle bar and even while the machine is stopped at night.

Thanks to this stable lubrication and high “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, the P type machines protect your important sewn products against oil stains.


Increases Efficiency With The Slim Cylinder Bed

Since the circumference of the cylinder bed has decreased to 177 mm, you can easily sew arm holes and neck openings of children’s wear or small tubular goods which have previously been difficult. In addition, handling the fabric is effortless because of the shortened distance from the cylinder bed end to the needle drop hole.

Produces Beautifully Finished Products With The Variable Top Feed Mechanism

(WT200P Series)

Equipped with the independently driven top feed mechanism, feed efficiency is significantly increased. This uniform and efficient feed produces beautifully finished products with no trouble.

With Fabric Edge Trimmer (Subclass -35type)

Subclass -35 type machine equipped with a small cylinder bed and an FT device (fabric trimmer left of the needles).
Circumference including the FT device: approximately 280 mm.

Suitable for hemming bottoms and/or sleeves of children’s T-shirts and sweat suits.
The FT device trims the fabric edge during sewing, so a clean finished, high quality hem is produced. In addition, the knife stroke can be adjusted according to the fabric to be used.

The FT device is detachable, so sewing without the FT device can be performed. If the FT device is removed, an optional cover will be necessary.

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