Pegasus W500PC Series

Oil Barrier Type, Cylinder Bed, Interlock Stitch Machines


Pegasus W500PC is a series of Oil Barrier Type, Cylinder Bed, Interlock Stitch Machines

This is the ultimate product version compared to the standard model.


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“Oil Barrier” type machines that completely block oil leakage.

The needle bar and looper shaft (only for W600P series) include a newly designed seal and recently developed bushing, exerting dramatic “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, preventing oil leakage and oil splashes. And maintenance is very simple and easy, such as change the oil seal.

This “Oil Barrier” feature completely blocks even one drop of oil leaking from the needle bar and even while the machine is stopped at night.

Thanks to this stable lubrication and high “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, the P type machines protect your important sewn products against oil stains.


Build in Direct Drive Machines

Needle Bar Stroke can be Changed Easily

Depending on the Thickness of the Sewing Materials

Spreader Holder has Alignment Mark

Easier to Reinstall the Spreader

Equipped with Needle Thread Take-up and Safety Protection that Similar to W500P

Swing-In and Out Looper Thread Take-Up for Easier Threading

Thread Trimmer (Electric / Pneumatic)

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Subclasses and Seams