Pegasus W3600P Series

Oil Barrier Type, Cylinder Bed, Interlock Stitch Machines


Pegasus W3600P is a series of Oil barrier type, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines with Direct Drive Machine

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Oil Barrier Type Machines That Completely Block Oil Leakage

The needle bar and looper shaft include a newly designed oil seal, exerting dramatic “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, preventing oil leakage and oil splashes. And maintenance is very simple and easy, such as change the oil seal.

New Needle Thread Take-up Mechanism

“Soft/tight seams” can be easily changed to “tight/soft seams,” responding to a wide variety of sewn products made of extra light to heavy weight fabrics.

Detachable Looper Thread Take-up

The looper thread take-up is detachable, so solving unexpected trouble is easy. In addition, the installation position is reproducible with no adjustments. Compared to traditional sewing machines, the looper thread take-up bracket is situated closer to the operator. Therefore, threading the looper is also easy.

User Friendy Design that Responds to the User’s Needs for Ease of Operation

Needle bar stroke can changed easily. So, the machine can sew from light to heavy.



The drain hole is positioned at the bottom of the oil reservoir, so there is no need to remove the machine from the machine table when old oil is replaced. (This feature varies according to each sewing machine installation method).

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