Pegasus W3500P Series

Oil Barrier Type, Flatbed, Interlock Stitch Machines


Pegasus Interlock Stitch W3500P Series are :

  • W3562P (with DDM) : Oil barrier type, flatbed, interlock stitch machines
  • W3522P : Oil barrier type, flatbed, double chainstitch machine

    Product Features

    • New needle thread take up mechanism
    • Detachable looper thread take up
    • Easy maintenance
    • User friendly design that responds to the user’s needs for ease of operation

    Option / Device

    Oil Barrier type machine that completely blocks oil leakage.
    Adopting a state-of-the-art Oil Barrier technology

    • Thread trimmer
    • Flat type vacuum thread chain cutter
    • Tape/thread chain cutter
    • Open/close type of hemming guide
    • Mechanical metering device
    • Fabric edge trimmer
    • Real puller
    • Tension adjustment type elastic feeder
    • Pressure foot lift
    • Flatbed type for easy operation even on long goods
    • Max speed 6000sti/min
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Oil Barrier Type Machine that Completely Block Oil Leakage.

Adopting “State-of-Art” Oil Barrier Technology


New Needle Thread Take-up Mechanism

Detachable Looper Thread Take-Up

Easy Maintenance

User-Friendly Design that Responds to User’s Needs for Ease of Operation