Pegasus MX Series

Overedger & Safety Stitch Machines


Pegasus MX is a series of Overedger & Safety Stitch Machines with Direct Drive Motor

MX Series is consisted of :
MX3200 (with DDM) : Safety stitch machines
MX5200 (with DDM) : Overedgers

MX series sews light to heavy weight fabrics, offering outstanding cost-effectiveness Feeding efficiency has a major effect on the quality of finished products. This feeding efficiency should be changed according to the sewn products, such as T-shirts or dress shirts.

This cost-effective MX series allows for a wide range of feeding efficiency. Even if you sew various kinds of fabrics and/or items in different operations, the feeding efficiency can be changed with this MX series of machines. All you have to do is change the position of the related part.

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Sews Light To Heavy Weight Fabrics

All you have to do is change the position of the presser arm shaft.

*Presser arm shaft at its upper position suitable for sewing knit fabrics, denim, etc., preventing plyshift.

*Presser arm shaft at its lower position suitable for sewing woven fabrics, etc., preventing puckering.

Increased Ease of Operation and Safety

A large space is reserved behind the presser arm, so even heavy weight fabrics can be fed smoothly. Operators can work comfortably and operation efficiency is increased.

In addition, the large eye guard employed covers the left side to the needle and the related parts. Thanks to this feature, the operators can concentrate on sewing at their ease.

Increased Quality with the Oil Blocking Feature

This feature reduces oil stains on sewn products, decreases the use of stain remover, creates a cleaner work environment, and contributes to global environmental protection.

Achieve Maximum Machines Speed at 8000 STI/Min

With the speed of 8000 STI/Min, MX Series suitable for a wide range of needs with sufficient productivity

Equipped With A Needle/thread Cooling Device (HR Device)
Protects The Fabric, Needle, And Thread From Heat

Needle heat rises due to friction when the needle penetrates into the fabric with the machine running, causing broken material and/or stitch skipping.

The MX Series is equipped with an HR device, so that heat generated on the needlepoint is definitely reduced. The threads go smoothly through the machine, forming uniform stitches.

Push Buttons Type Stitch Length Adjustment

Just press the button while turning the handwheel.

Built-in Direct Drive Motor

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