Pegasus M900 Series

Overedger & Safety Machine

Pegasus M900 is a series Overedger & safety stitch machines with Direct Drive Machines

M900 series consisted of :

M932(with DDM) : Safety stitch machines
M952(with DDM) : Overedgers
M922(with DDM) : double chainstitch machine

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1. Equipped with PL and AT Devices

Automatic Tape Cutter

The cutter knife automatically descends to cut a tape and/or thread chain when the sensor detects the edge of the fabric. Since the length of tape or thread chain that remains after a cut can be adjusted by stitch counting as desired, no skilled operator is needed.



Equipped with the operation panel type controller. Frequently used functions, such as setting machine speed and/or the number of stitches can be called up immediately and set them easily. The sewing machine can be stopped automatically

Presser Foot Lift

Pressing the treadle with your heel raises the presser foot.
This device is easy to use, thus decreasing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

Pneumatic Lint Collector
(only for AT8F series)

This pneumatic device strongly sucks up cutting waste and fine dust generated during sewing, providing clean and comfortable working conditions.

2. Build in Direct Drive Machines

3. User Friendly Design Considering Safety

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