Pegasus FW Series

Feed-up-the-arm, Cylinder Bed, Interlock Stitch Machines


Pegasus FW is a series of Feed-up-the-arm, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines

It is consisted of :
FW600 : Feed-up-the-arm, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines
FW200 : Feed-up-the-arm, cylinder bed, double chain-stitch machines”

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The Shape Of The Machine Makes All The Difference

So Easy To Use To Get Such A Perfect Finish!

The FW Series is the specialist in covering small cylinderical goods and provides precise seams that feel gentle and easy.

The slender bed reaching toward the front edge is most suitable for covering small goods and provides excellent ease of operation.

It takes the dogged pursuit for quality by Peagsus for the FW Series to happen.
The FW Series is the one you can count on.

Easy-to-operate Small Circumference Cylinder Bed

Most suitable for covering operations on seams of small cylindrical goods such as sleeve seams, sleeve openings or neck with preattached rib knit of sweat shirts, side seams of sweat pants, etc.

Provides Accurate Covering
Equipped With The Easy-to-adjust Needle Plate Fabric Guide

The garments can be guided more easily and securely due to the fabric guide mounted on the needle plate, adjustable according to the thickness of the material (2.0mm – 4.0mm).

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Subclasess and Seams