Pegasus FS700P

Feed-off-the-arm, Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machines For Flat Seaming


Pegasus FS700P is a series of  Feed-off-the-arm, cylinder bed interlock stitch machines for flat seaming.

It is consisted of
FS700P : Feed-off-the-arm, cylinder bed, 4-needle interlock stitch machines for flat seaming”

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“Oil Barrier” Type Machines That Completely Block Oil Leakage

Adopting Pegasus’ Unique Oil Barrier Technology!

Responding To New Material With Consistent Stitches, Increasing The Quality Of Sewn Products

This series responds to difficult-to-sew fabric and/or new highly stretchable material, such as swimsuits, achieving high-quality and consistent stitches that have never been produced before, regardless of the operations.


Achieves Neatly Finished Products With No Yarn Distortion On The Fabric

Thanks to Pegasus’ unique presser foot with the groove on its underside, the machines easily sew the difference on the cross seam sections of the overlapped areas.

Therefore, the overlapped areas in tape binding and lace attaching operations on the fabric, such as briefs and panties, are flatly and beautifully finished, so they feel gentle on the skin without any uncomfortable touch.

Differential Feed Ratio Adjustable Separately for the Left and Right Sides

The differential feed ratio can be adjusted separately, in order to respond to operations in which the machine is used to sew right- and left-hand side fabrics that have varying degrees of stretchability, and/or curved lines.

The operator can handle the right- and left-hand side fabrics easily, without worrying about the different stretchability.

The LaRgo achieves uniformly and beautifully finished products, regardless of the skill of the operator. These features reduce the operator’s burden drastically, and also help increase productivity.


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