Pegasus FS700P-A LaRgo Series

Interlock Stitch Machines For Flat Seaming


Pegasus LaRgo FS700P-A Series is Equipped with The World’s First Right and Left Independent Differential Feed Adjustment Mechanism

Its an Oil Barrier type, 4-needle, feed-off-the-arm, interlock stitch machines for flat seaming

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Equipped with The World’s First Right and Left Independent Differential Feed for Adjustment Mechanism

A standard feed mechanism feeds the same amount of the fabric consistently. The LaRgo has a differential feed ratio adjustment lever on the right and left sides independently, which means that the LaRgo can adjust the differential feed ratio separately for the right and left hand sides.

Thanks to this feature, the proper feeding amount can be set and you will be able to sew up the fabric as you like.

LaRgo Features

PEGASUS Unique Oil Barrier Technology

FS700P Series adopts the world’s first machine bed equipped with a completely enclosed needle drive mechanism.

FS700P Series is keeping high-quality and consistent stitches, and protects your important sewn products against oil stains, thanks to this high “Oil Barrier” effectiveness.

PEGASUS’ unique “Oil Barrier” technology protects your important sewn products from oil stains.


Presser Foot Lift

Pressing the treadle with the heel raises the presser foot.
Ease of operation decreases operator fatigue.

Waste Collector

The Pneumatic Device sucks up cutting waste generated during sewing.
Providing clean and comfortable working environment.

Pneumatic Presser Foot Pressure Technology  (PP)

The uniform and most suitable presser foot pressure is always achieved according to the fabric.

This feature prevents seam jamming on cross seam sections, damage to the fabric, and shining appearing on the fabric, so this feature contributes greatly to stabilization and an increase in quality.

In addition, the presser foot pressure can be expressed in numerical form. Therefore, setting the presser foot pressure correctly for each fabric is easy, and the knife overlap pressure can be reduced simultaneously, increasing the durability of the knife.

Needle / Thread Lubricating Device (HR)

The HR device helps the needle thread run smoothly through the machine, forming uniform stitches..

Direct Drive Motor (DD)


Two types of cutting for the fabric edge are available, single and double edge trimmings.

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