Pegasus EX(T)5100 Series

Variable Top Feed, Cylinder Bed Overedger


Pegasus EX(T)5100 is a series of Variable top feed and cylinder bed overedger machine

EX(T)5100 consisted of :
EX5100 : Cylinder bed overedger
EXT5100 : Variable top feed, cylinder bed overedger|

The Pegasus EX is a series of cylinder-bed type machine, most suitable for cylindrical goods.

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Small Cylinder Bed For Small Cylindrical Goods


High Quality Products Achieved By Accurate Top And Bottom Feeding

Attaching Elastic Is Easily Performed

Producing Beautifully Finished Products

Easy Elastic Attach

Easily Attach Elastic To Tubular Goods Continuously

One Machine Responds To Various Sewn Products

Push-button Type Stitch Length Adjustment

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Subclasses and Seams