Pegasus EXT Series

Variable Top Feed, Overedger & Safety Stitch Machines


Pegasus EXT is a series of Variable Top Feed, Overedger & Safety Stitch Machines

EXT Consisted of :

  • EXT3200 : Variable top feed, safety stitch machines
  • EXT5200 : Variable top feed, overedgersTop and bottom feed dogs on the variable top feed machines provide for positive and accurate fabric feed. This feature prevents twisting and ply shifting of the fabric being sewn, achieving high-quality production.

    These machines neatly perform shirring, piping and blindstitch hemming, operations that are difficult with bottom-feeding alone, while preventing puckering. Pegasus’ variable top feed machines ensure uniform quality during a wide variety of sewing operations.

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High Quality Products With No Twisting Or Plyshifting Achieved By Top And Bottom Feeding

Variable top feed machines feed the top ply as well as the bottom one. This prevents plyshifiting and twisting of the fabric being sewn, generally enhancing the visual characteristics and textures of the material, without any lose of the original properties of the fabric on sewn products.

The double chainstitch, safety stitch machines produce neatly finished seams with balloon stitches formed by looper threads of good texture.

Neat Performance Of Shirring And Piping

The top and bottom feed dogs are independently driven. Large differential feed ratios can be obtained. These features increase feeding efficiency. Especially, shirring is effectively performed.

Prevention of Puckering

The stopper regulates the path of the top feed dog just before it contacts the bottom one. Thanks to this feature, no-wrinkle is produced on the fabric during sewing with increased feeding distance. Thus, variable top feed machines prevent puckering.

Beautifully Finished Products With Balloon Stitches

The up-and-down stroke of the top feed dog can be selected as desired according to the fabric and operation being employed. Large and strong strokes are used for sewing heavy weight fabrics and/or cross-seam sections, and small strokes with soft touch are employed for sewing light weight fabrics..

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