Pegasus EX Series

Overedger & Safety Machine


Pegasus EX is a series of Overedger & Safety Stitch machines

Consisted of :
EX3200 : Safety stitch machines
EX5200 : Overedgers
EX2200 : Double chainstitch machine
EX5400 : Overedgers with condensed stitch capability

Top of the line machines to produce beautiful stitches, with reliable mechanism, technology that achieves high speed and durability, plus ease of operation and maintenance.
Offers full line of subclasses that provide high quality finishes in
various operations.

A wide variety of labor saving devices help increase productivity.

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Produces Beautiful Stitches

You will easily obtain well-balanced and beautiful stitches with easy-to-adjust thread tensions. The machines feed the fabric more properly to achieve high quality stitches.

The double chainstitch, safety stitch machines produce neatly finished seams with balloon stitches formed by looper threads of good texture.

High Productivity With High Speed Machines

Increases productivity at a max speed of 8,500 rpm.

Increased Durability

Includes the mechanism that reduces wear and tear of parts increasing durability.

Ease of Operation

Replacing the needles, threading the machine and adjusting thread tension is easy

The Machine is Easy to Maintain

Alignment marks on looper thread guides and double chainstitch looper thread take-up eliminate the need for bothersome measurement using a ruler.
Thanks to the micro adjustment feature, a precise adjustment is easily made on the lower looper front-to-back movement and double chainstitch looper front-to-back movement.


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Specs and Seams type of EX2200

Specs and Seams type of EX3200

Specs and Seams type of EX5400

Specs and Seams type of EX5200