Jack K5E

Advanced Cylinderbed Interlock Machine


Advanced cylinder-bed interlock machine, with step motor for thread-trimmer and footlifter, they are quitter, precise and quicker. Lubricated needle bar. Multifunctional machine: change the kit and make different type of work like hemming and top-stitching.

Available subclasses:

K5E-UT-01GBX356 : Standard
K5E-UT-01GBX364 : Standard
K5E-UT-35ACX356 : With Trimming Knife
K5E-UT-35ACX364 : With Trimming Knife


  •       Step motor
  •       Silent Thread trimmer
  •       Silent footlifter
  •       Multifuction computerized machine
  •       Multilanguage voice guide
  •       Suitable for light and heavy material
  •       Oil resistance needle bar
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Silent Thread Trimmer And Footlifter

A stepper motor has been inserted that electronically controls the presser foot lifter and thread trimmer, making it twice as powerful and significantly more silent and precise.

High Speed, High Performance

The normal sewing speed of the K5E is 4,500 rpm, compared to the 3,700 rpm of a normal machine, the efficiency increases by more than 21%. If the average monthly earnings are based on the amount produced, it will increase, as it is possible to produce more for the same amount of work hours.

Thread Trimmer (UT)

There are no jumps at the start of the seam and quality stitching is ensured on the fabric. The thread trimmer guarantees a stable performance and the occurrence of an occasional inconvenience, in which the thread cannot be cut, is greatly reduced.

Wide Fabric Adaptability

Ability to sew on thin fabrics, knits and up to 8 layers of fabric thickness, without any adjustment, while maintaining the beauty of the stitch.

Vocal Guide

Using the machine it will teach you the various functions itself, if there are errors it will notify you and by clicking the VOICE key it will suggest how to solve the problem, moreover with a single key you can return to the initial settings. (-UT only)

Single Motor Shaft

Reduces machine torque, seams are faster, more stable, more durable.

Optional Devices

Optional Devices

Industry 4,0

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines