Jack JK-513C

Compact Servo Motor


Jack JK-513c Servo motor dynamo Reduces Power Consumption and is more energy-efficient because the dynamo automatically stops when the sewing pedal is released.
In the standby position, the electricity used is only 4 Watts (Ordinary Dynamo/Clutch Motor will consume around 180 Watts of electricity when not in use)

The speed of the Dynamo Servo can be adjusted without changing the engine pulley, and maintenance will be easier because the user does not need to replace the canvas, etc.

Superiority :
1. Energy Saving
2. Adjustable Speed
3. Lighter
4. More Durable and Reduced Maintenance Costs
5. Low Vibration, Sound and Temperature
6. Suitable for sewing machine type L, Overdeck

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Energy Savings Of 71%

Thanks to this revolutionary “Servo” technology it is possible to considerably reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly


Direct Transmission

More safety, efficiency and silence without vibrations


Speed And Needle Position

The speed and up/down needle position are easily adjustable

Quick And Easy Maintenance


1 Servo Motor equal 2-3 Clutch Motor