Jack JK-T5878-68B

Automatic Pocket Welting Machine


A modern machine designed for sewing straight pockets with one or two welts, with or without a flap in clothing products such as suits, jackets and pants. All operating parameters and the type of pocket are programmable on a readable, touch control panel. The machine uses a head with a built-in servo motor with a power of 750W (Direct Drive system), which ensures lower energy consumption and quiet operation. The machine as standard is equipped with a stacker receiving sewn-in elements and a laser marker that ensures the correct positioning of the sewn-in element.

Estimated production volume: 1800-2200 pcs / 8h – assuming: pocket length 150 mm, stitch length 2.5 mm, pockets without flap or 1500 -1800 pcs / 8h – for pockets with flaps.

Technical parameters:

  • needles gauge: 8-20mm (standard: 12mm)
  • length of the pocket: 18-220mm
  • sewing speed: up to 3000 stitches / min
  • power supply: 230V
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Wide Range Of Pocket

A variety of pockets: single welt, double welt, flap, etc.

Touch Panel

The large touch screen is quick and easy to use and the external USB interface is useful for storing templates and program updates, while the internal SD card can be inserted to support video playback.

Easy Foot Adjustment

Easy adjustment of the right and left foot pressure.

Engraving Knives

The shape of the corner knives can be easily adjusted by opening the knife drawer. The knives are made of high-quality thin steel (optional ceramic knives).

Bobbin End Detection

The sensor monitors the bobbin in real-time: when it is about to run out, it asks the operator to change it to avoid stopping the job mid-sewing.

Broken Thread Sensor

When the needle thread breaks or runs out, the machine stops immediately.