Jack JK-T1377E | Integrated Computerized Button Attaching Machine


JACK Button Sewing machine JK-T1377E

Single-thread, Chainstitch, Button Sewing Machine

Jack Button sewing machine JK-T1377E with automatic thread trimming and presser foot lifting. Stitch shape (for buttons with 4 holes) can quickly be changed over between parallel or “cross”, without replacing the cams. We change the type of stitching using the lever located on the machine head. All sewing parameters can be easily programmed on a readable control panel located in the machine head.

Machine has got Direct Drive motor, which provides a smooth and steady operation without the noise and vibration of typical belt driven machines. Direct drive motor saves up to 70% of electricity compared to the older motors.

Technical parameters:

  • maximum sewing speed: 1500 stitches / min
  • button size: 10 – 28 mm
  • lift of presser foot: 9 mm
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3 Sewing Types

One machine, three ways to attach a button, just turn the knob to change easily.

Direct Drive Eco Motor

Integrated motor and control box, 71% energy saving.

Intelligent Configuration

Automatic presser foot lifter and thread trimmer controlled by a magnet, less work and higher efficiency

Easy To Use LCD Display

From the panel it is easy to choose the number of stitches, the presser foot pressure, and set various parameters.

LED Light

More precise seams and less tired eyes.

Eccentric Gear

Few vibrations increase the stability and the life of the machine