Jack JK-9270D / 9280D

Direct Drive, Double/Triple Needle, Chainstitch, Feed of the Arm Machine


The Jack JK-T9270D / 9280D is improved feed off the arm chain-stitch sewing machine over what our competitors offer. Built on our redesigned chassis with an integrated direct drive servo motor, the JK-T9270D / 9280D was specially built to improve seam quality while reducing noise and vibration over our belt-driven competitor’s models.

The JK-T9270D / 9280D can be configured in either a two-needle or three needle version and made to your specifications with your desired needle gauge. The machine can also be outfitted with a rear puller to help more evenly feed fabric and we have two styles of pulleys available; gear driven or box driven. The gear-driven pulley is steel and is fine for most fabrics, but if you require sewing on more delicate fabrics, the box puller is rubberized and will eliminate the possibility of marking fabrics.

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Wide Range Of Applications

This series of feed of the arm machines are used for sewing various products such as denim, shirts and raincoats.

Stitch Adjustment

Push button adjustment can flexibly change the stitch length of the machine to suit a variety of needs.

Column Stand

This type of stand is convenient to use for these processes (it could be optional).

Types Of Pullers

The PL device is a motorized and incorporated puller. The PS device is an external puller, driven by a timing belt.

Efficient Puller

The oil-lubricated rear puller can be used to make feeding lighter and easier.