Jack JK-797TDI

Small Arm Overlock Machine


Jack JK-797TDI is a small cylinder bed overlock sewing machine, with 1-2 needles and 2-4 threads depending on the model, with variable top feed.

The cylinder arm is 4.7 cm in diameter for a total perimeter of 15 cm. Working space is LED illuminated. And it has a servo motor with direct drive and power saving technology. Works at 220V/50Hz.

The machines with KS are pneumatic vertical type, FR01 have automatic extension device and those with FR02 have mechanical extension device.

148mm arm, available with or without the pneumatic tensioning device, adjustable stitch length, integrated energy-saving motor, also available with top feed.

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Automatic Tensioner

Thanks to this device it is possible to tension the band to attach it to the neck opening or the closed loop elastic on boxers, lapels for sportswear, etc.

Small Arm

Suitable where a small arm diameter is required to be able to work small items

Top Feed (TDI)

Through the height adjustment of the upper feed, the seam can be adjusted to the best conditions for all types of fabrics.

Eco Servo Motor

With the built-in servo motor, the machine saves up to 71% energy.

Integrated Fan

Thanks to the integrated fan in the handwheel, the machine prevents overheating and extends its life.