Jack JK-1500-UT

Feed-Up-The Arm, Cylinder Bed Interlock Machine


High Speed Feed-Up-The Arm, Cylinder Bed Interlock Machine

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Automatic Thread Trimming and Presser Footlift, High Efficiency

Automatic thread trimming and automatic presser foot lift after sewing, which saves thread and labor, and has high work efficiency.

The Seam is Thinner and Beautiful Stitches

The maximum height of the presser foot can reach 8mm, and the sewing stitches at the over-bones of women’s ultra-thin stockings and sports pants are beautiful.

One Machine for Multiple Purposes, Suitable for a Variety of Processes

It can realize hem seam, reverse bone seam, rolling collar and vertical seam at the same time, which can meet different process requirements and truly realize multiple functions in one machine.

Large Space, Smooth Operation

The operating space is large, even the cuffs and collars can be sewn freely, and the large operating space is optional, and the straight length can reach 370mm.