Jack H5

Top & Bottom Feeding Computerized Lockstitch Machine for Heavy duty


The Jack H5 is a workhorse to built specifically for heavy duty sewing with an automatic thread cutter, needle positioning motor, automatic foot lifter & automatic lock stitch, this machine will help you sew like a professional!

The sleek computer screen is easy to navigate and with nearly 100 parameters built into the machine, can be setup to cope with almost any job.

Supplied complete with a unit stand, with the added benefit of wheels (to help with moving if required).

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For Heavy Materials, High Efficiency

Top and Bottom feeding, 750W motors, extremely for heavy materials, sewing for 10 layers of leather with beautiful stitches.

Stable Overlapping Stitch, Good Quality

Realize 6 stitches overlapping, suitable for most of the technological requirements, good quality.

Sealed Oil Pan Design, No Oil, No Trouble

Sealed presser foot lifter shaft, oil-free with imported solid grease lubrication.

Integrated, Easy to Install

Integrated, stable and reliable; Easy to install, very convenient.

One Shaft Design, Peaceful and Stable

One shaft design reduces the machine torque and makes feeding more stable. It is durable with low noise.

Free Set, Factory Reset

Users can reset to own parameters and out of factory parameters according to requirement. It is easy to operate and meets all sewing technological requirements. No need to worry about wrong operation.



Thread No.
Stitch Length
Presser Foot Lifting Height
Max Speed

Auto Presser Foot Lifter

Volume(mm) Weight(kg)
H5-CZ-3 DPx17 20-23# 2 8 7.5-16 2000   725x285x580 40.5/43
H5-CZST-3 DPx17 20-23# 2 8 7.5-16 2000   725x285x580 40.5/43
H5-CZXB-3 DPx17 20-23# 2 8 7.5-16 2000   725x285x580 40.5/43
H5-CZZD-3 DPx17 20-23# 2 8 7.5-16 2000   725x285x580 40.5/43
H5-CZ-4 DPx17 20-23# 2 8 7.5-16 2000