Jack F4

Power Saving Lockstitch Machine with Direct Drive


Jack F4 is an Energy Saver Lockstitch Machine with Direct Drive with 1-needle lockstitch machine for sewing light and medium materials (also available sub-class H for heavy sewing). Equipped with an energy-saving motor mounted in the head (Direct Drive), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption.

JACK F4 also equipped with a simple-to-use control panel for speed control, needle positioning and quick return to factory settings. Equipped with a built-in LED lamp with choice of light intensity level.

Technical parameters:
– Max Sewing speed: 5000 stitches/min
– Max Stitch Lenght: 5 mm
– Max Presser Foot Lift: 5 mm by Hand, 13 mm by Foot Pedal (electronic)


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Low Consumption – Energy Saving  

Consumption is almost zero thanks to the standby mode. During sewing, consumption is significantly lower than with other machines. Saves up to 71% energy


Available Subclasses

The machine can sew from light to heavy material, adapting to all types of clothing. Also for very heavy work, the H model is available.

Safety Sensor – Voltage Protection 

Unstable current? Don’t be afraid to damage the machine. The voltage protector will monitor the range of the incoming current.

Control Panel


Easy-to-use control panel with speed control, needle positioning and Reset function to restore factory settings.

Adding Stitches Option

Stitches can be easily added by using a dedicated button.

Complete Solution

By purchasing the complete machine you are provided with the complete kit :
Table stand and bobbin holder combined in JACK style!