Jack E4S

Standard Overlock With L/M/H Selector


A series of modern 3,4 and 5-thread overlock machines, equipped with an integrated energy-saving motor mounted in the head directly on the main shaft of the machine (Direct Drive system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower electricity consumption.
The modern design of the machine ensures better ventilation of the engine, and thus faster and more efficient operation, and as a result, a longer service life of the machine. Overlock JACK E4S has a simple panel for adjusting the sewing speed and needle positioning, as well as the ability to quickly return to the factory settings. Integrated LED work field illumination.

The new S model is equipped with an easily accessible height adjustment of the transport teeth. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain perfect stitching on materials of various thicknesses. The control lever can be set in three positions:
A – light materials (light)
M – medium materials (medium)
H – heavy materials (heavy)

Technical parameters:

  • sewing speed: do 5500 stitches/min
  • presser foot lifting height:  up to 6 mm
  • bottom differential feed
  • central lubrication
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L/M/H Selector

By means of a lever it is possible to change the inclination of the feed dog according to the type of light, medium or heavy futy fabric, this allows to meet the various work needs. (PATENTED)

Quick Response

The response time is shortened by 40-50% both at start and at stop, sewing is easier and the sewing speed is greater, efficiently increases productivity.

Oil Return Constraint

The enclosed needle bar mechanism and a special needle bar lubrication tray prevent oil spills and ensure clean seams.

One Key Reset

Through the intelligent panel it is possible to reset the machine, adjust the LED light, easily adjust the parameters and learn the main operations.

Single Shaft Motor

The torsion of the machine is reduced, and greater stability is ensured during the stroke, the sewing speed increases and there is more durability.