Jack A4F

Digital Footlifter And Bartack Digitalized Lockstitch


1-needle lockstitch machine with automatic functions, bottom feed and energy-saving motor built into the machine head (Direct Drive), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and reduces electricity consumption. Central lubrication.

Additionally, the machine uses a stepper motor that controls the stitch length setting in the machine and is responsible for the locking function. This solution significantly reduces the noise level during locking and also allows you to precisely set the stitch length with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Automatic functions: 

  • thread cutting
  • presser foot lift
  • bartacking (fastening) while sewing
  • needle positioning

Technical parameters: 

  • sewing speed up to 5500 s.p.m.
  • stitch length up to 5 mm
  • presser-foot lift up to 13 mm
  • three function buttons located at the needle bar: 1/2 of the stitch length, adding a stitch, bartacking
  • USB port for charging external devices
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High Precision Stitch

Stitch length can reach 0.1 mm controlled by stepping motor. Stitch length adjustment function can be locked just in case operator’s mis-operation.

High Stitch Overlapping Ratio

Overlapping stitch can be perfectly realize in any stitch length, front and back thread remaining lock function is available.

Variable Stitches

Different sewing stitch is available based on different clothes requirements. And editable pattern enables more ;fashionable and beautiful stitches.

Noiseless Reverse Sewing

Stepping motor controlled reverse sewing structure by scientific design achieves noiseless reverse sewing,which enables a quiet and comfortable environment.