Hashima HP 1000-LW

Straight Linear Fusing Press



  • The Newly Designed Double Pressure System assures Higher Pressure Efficiency. The first roller spreads resin between the fabric and interlining, and the second roller strengthens adhesion.
  • The Heater Zone is divided into four parts and each Zone can be adjusted Separately. The Mandatory Pressure system is newly adopted to Improve Thermal Efficiency.
  • As the Tension Rollers are adopted on the Back of the belts, Fabrics or extra Interlining never Twine around the Tension Rollers.
  • Adopted a New belt warping Prevention device which moves less than the old type but performs Better and prevents Extra Tension.
  • The Seemless Belt is adopted as a standard and it promises a Long Life.
  • The Second Cooling fan cools down the fused, Material immediately.
  • In addition to the Belt Cleaner on the surface of the Belt, another belt cleaner is adopted on the Back of the Belt.
  • The Disposition of the Heater can be customized to be Flat.
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