Hashima HN-30S

Handy Type Needle Detector


Hashima HN-30S is a handy type detector to detect needles in ladies’, children’s, and men’s clothes.

– Its updated with detection function
– Notification from Light and Buzzer
– Always clean with Antimicrobial processing

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– 0.8 mm steel ball is detected
This new handy type needle detector can detect p0.8mm steel ball and is good for a steel pin

– Easy to use with clean
New design and Antimicrobial processing, using long time with no stress

– Detecting wider area (HN-35W)
Unit surface is wider and easy to detect by Spot/Wider sensitivity select switch

– Sensitivity select switch(HN-305)
The new handy type needle detector adopts Hi/Low sensitivity select switch

– Battery save function
Under stand by, the battery mode is changed to save mode automatically, which saves battery consumption. When take it in hand, the machine starts
automatically. New designed detecting circuit cuts electric power consumption.

– Large size LED lamp and buzzer.
It’s easy to check the detecting result by adapting large size LED lamp and buzzer.

ISO Certification for Antimicrobial

Based on the results evaluated by ISO22196 method, SIAA logo is displayed on products with quality control and information disclosure according to Antimicro bial Product Technology Council guidelines.