Hashima HP-900 LFS

Straight Linear Fusing Press


Hashima HP-900LFS is a continuous Straight Linear Fusing Press type machine that makes production greatly increase.

Additional Options :

– Slide Rail Stacker (HS-6030RS)
– Cooling Fan
– Type Ⅱ Extendable Table(HP-900LL)

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– Big diameter pressure roller is equipped, increase pressure balance, fusing quality, durability.

– New upper heater increase heating efficiency, decrease heat loss.

– By select heater control switch, the temperature of the upper and lower, front and rear heaters can be easily controlled.

– The seamless belt has been adopted to increase the durability of the belt. The air pressure system adopted to make simple adjustment and correct pressure.

– The puckering prevention roller is equipped. The position of the roller can be adjusted easily to apply for any material.

– LFS are equipped with rotary strip off device as standard.

– The automatic Belt Warping Prevention Device keeps both the upper and lower belts in the same position. Using the feedback system, the damage is prevented.

– With the electronic thermostat and the SSR, the temperature difference’s range is kept at ±3℃. The SSR’s electronic parts have no contact points making for durability.

– Various stackers can be used with this machine.

– This machine has a front conveyor belt which greatly increases production levels.

– The Rotary Strip Off Device can be attached as optional equipment.

– By pushing the heater control switch the temperature of the upper and lower or front and rear heater can be easily controlled. This means various materials can be used safely.

– The pressure roller is covered with a layer of silicon rubber. The upper and lower pressure rollers are completely separated when the pressure is set at 0.

– The heating plate is covered with special hard alumite, making it durable. The exchange of belts is very easy.

– The Belt Stopping Device stops the belt automatically if the belt warps therefore protecting the belt.

– The entrance of the feed-in point can be adjusted easily according to the thickness of the material and interlining being used.

– An anti puckering roller is installed in this machine. This roller’s position can be adjusted.

– Wing tables can be attached to the work table. When these tables are not in use, they can be folded down. (Optional)

– The pressure is easily adjusted.

– Depending on which of the optional tables is used, various shapes can be easily pressed.