Ganger GSY-3015ATC

Countertop CNC Machining Center


Ganger GSY-3015ATC is widely used in CNC processing and production of basins, cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, bar counters, kitchen countertops, washstands, marble walls, dining tables, coffee tables, window sills, door pockets, etc.

Applicable Materials: granite, quartz stone, artificial stone, marble and other stone.

Machine feature

  1. With linear type auto tool changer, 12 tools, convenient and high efficiency.
  2. Do cutting, drilling holes, edge profiling and polishing, recessed drainer, etc, finish one countertop automatically, with high efficiency.
  3. A humanized control system, easy to operate.
  4. “Mono-block” construction ensures high stability.

Machine Functions

    Sink Cut Out

      Drill Faucet Hole

        Shaping (Edge Profiling / Rough Polishing)

          Milling Drain Trough

            Fine Polishing

              Polish Backside

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                  Technical Parameters



                  X/Y/Z Axis working size


                  Working table

                  Aluminum profile with T-slot and water tank

                  X/Y/Z Axis transmission

                  X/Y Axis helical Gear and rack, Z Axis Ball screw

                  spindle power

                  ATC spindle 7.5KW(optional)

                  Max spindle speed


                  ATC type and capacity

                  Linear ATC, 12 tools

                  Driver motor


                  Control system


                  Gross weight


                  Packing size

                  5000*2260*2080 mm