Fortever FT-601CTM

Single Head Chenille & Chainstitch Machine


Fortever FT-601CTM is Single Head Chenille & Chainstitch Machine for Towel Embroidery with Middle Thickness Material in a 500*800mm area

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*Dahao C29 Computer,10″ colorful LCD, function more and stability more .

*6 color thick Chenille free working (coiling device adopted with Dahao C19 computer)
 Auto color changing ,Auto thread trimming .

*Electronic intelligent alarm design largely reduce the mistake alarming rate.

*Chenille Embroidery working speed :750RPM

              *Memory:2000000 stitches;200pcs pattern design

                                                  *Pattern Design Input: U-disk 

                          *Design format: Adopted with TAJIMA(DST), DSB,DARUDA,ZSK,BINARY System and Temary System.


Applicable Fabric Types Knitted, Woven
Power 14.5 KW
Inspection Accuracy ≥ 0.2 mm
Maximum Speed ≤ 1m/s
Package Diameter ≤ 500 mm
Defect Inspection Rate 90%
Inspection Width ≤ 2200 mm (knitted); ≤ 1800mm (woven)
Edge Precision ± 4 mm
Air Pressure 0.4-0.7 MPa
Automatic Length Counting Deviation ≤ 0.4 mm