Easement HD-680-C

Intelligent Type Needle Detector


HD-680C is used to detect shirts, caps, sportswear, baby products, handbags, socks, clothes, non-woven towels, gloves, toys, handicraft works, metal buttons, and so on, which contain magnetic metal impurities.

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Product Dimension



Item Name HD- 680-C
Detecting Method Magnetic Induction
Detecting width 600mm
Detecting height 100mm
Detecting ability 40.8mm iron ball
Defect Inspection Rate 90%
Alarm method Buzzer
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz or AC 110V,  60Hz
Rated output 90W
Temperature 0-40°C
Humidity 10%-90%  Non-condensing
Weight (Appr.) 256Kg
Option Alarm lamp.printer, administration authority