Durkopp Adler DA 756A

Sewing Units For Runstitching Of Straight And Slanted Piped Pockets, Flap Pockets And Welt Pockets


Durkopp Adler 756A
Efficient and flexible are the attributes of the new piped pocket sewing units 756A. They are ideally suited for the production of rectangular and slanted piped, flap and welt pocket openings with frequently changing pocket lengths. Also breast welt pockets and jacket outer pockets in alternation are convertible. You can easily make the changes at the touch control panel. The manual feeding of the facing parts in connection with optional additional equipment increases the performance of your production and the flexibility of the sewing unit.

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Programmable Needle Transport For Materials Difficult To Transport (Option)

The programmable needle feed (option 0755 160154) improves the seam quality in difficult-to-sew materials, e.g. stretch material, patterned material, coats and leather goods.

The transport length can be individually adapted to the material and stored in the program. In addition there is a special knitware mode available.

Stepper Motor-controlled Transport Clamp Adjustment With Material Spreading – E.g. For Lining Or Stretch Material

Stepper motor-controlled transport clamp adjustment (option 755 561024) – The positions of the transport clamps to the folder sole, are individually and depending on the material, adjustable in the program. This enables the automatic changeover from double to single welt and the program storage to a wide variety of material thicknesses.

Material spreading The material can be spread after lowering the transport clamps to achieve a better seam quality and more accurate corner cuts, e.g. in stretch materials.

Programmable Laser Marking Lamps In Longitudinal and Horizontal Directions (Option)

The position of the laser markings can be corrected individually for each program and thus adjusted to different material thicknesses via fine adjustment.
The individual, mechanical adjustment of the laser marking lamps in case of model change is eliminated.


Stepper Motor Driven Center Blade Drive

With increased flexibility in material use due to increased material passage and adjustable stroke for adaptation to the material thickness – reduced knife wear.


756 A – Multi Function Corner Knife Station For Straight Or Slanted Pockets (Option)

(Option 0755 337504) – freely programmable in pocket length and slants. Depending on the material all four corner knife cuts can be individually adjusted and stored to the seam and to the seam ends.

Knife corrections are possible with different pocket slants and different materials in all directions. The individual, mechanical adjustment of the laser marking lamps in case of model change is eliminated.


755 A – Automatic Corner Knife Station For Straight Pockets

(Option 0755 337524) – freely programmable in the pocket length. The corner knives are manual adjustable in their distance to the seam.


Optimized Folder Lowering

The folder lowering is optimized by its vertical movement before reaching the transport clamp. This improves the folding process of the piping strip and prevents the material from slipping during the folding process.

2nd Thread Tension for Safe Sewing Start

The additional thread tension ensures a perfect seam quality. The tight stitching in the area of the seam start and end is programmable and leads to a high quality sewing result.

Cutting Device

The cutting device for needle threads can be adjusted fast and variable. The needle thread catcher for needle distances of 4,8 to 22 mm are available as standard. For needle distances of 22 to 30 mm a further thread catcher is available as an option (0755 350554).

Flip Stacker (option)

The new generation of flip stacker offers excellent flexibility with setting options for stacking. Jacket fronts can be stacked perfectly for standard sizes without the need for a roll-off device. The stacker enables a safe stacking of short parts (option 0755 591454).

Programmable Transport Clamp Pressure (Option)

Programmable transport clamp pressure option (0755 591254) for different materials such as lining applications with reinforcement tape and stretch materials.

New Folder Concept – Modular System

The complete folder consists of a folder insert with sole. In order to reduce the costs of changing the folders, it is possible to change the folder insert or the sole only.