Durkopp Adler DA-650 10-OP7000

Special Machine for Programmed Sleeve Setting with Self-learning Grading Logic


650-10 OP7000 | Optimized Work Station For Setting Sleeves and Curve-support For Easier Handling Specially In The Sleeve Head with OP 7000 Control Panel

Sleeve setting is one of the most difficult sewing operations in the clothing industry. The demands on the operator with regard to dexterity and knowledge of production technology are extremely high.

When using the sleeve setter 650-10 a large part of the difficult handling is taken over by the machine by means of the curve support function. Sewing is simplified considerably, the training periods are shortened essentially and performance, as well as quality, are increased.

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– Standard grading values automatically calculate the program for every size – without input of grading values

– Easiest correction mode for the automatic grading values

– Function “curve support“ for easier handling, especially in the sleeve crown

– Finest fullness nuances via belt transport to handle sleeve fullness even in the most difficult fabrics

– Electronic thread tension for perfect seams in most different materials and applications

– Programmable sewing foot alternation to sew over thick cross seams/epaulets etc.

– Touch control panel with visualization of the seam course

– Ergonomic design of workplace for fatigue-proof working, LED sewing lamp as standard

Field of application

– Setting sleeves with or without pre-ruffled sleeve crown

– Sewing sleeve heads in armholes

Performance Features

– 170 – 250 men’s jackets (depending on workman ship) / 480’

– Memory capacity for 999 programs

– Max. sewing speed 4,000 stitches/min.

– Max. stitch length 4.0 mm

Control panel OP7000 with touch screen:

  • Touch screen with coloured graphic display of the seam course – self-explanatory
  • Programming in the size of your choice – standard grading values automatically calculate the program for every size
  • Internationally comprehensible symbols for short training times
  • At least 50% shorter time to learn how to use the program (once per operator)
  • Compared to other machines 30 – 80% time saving when creating a new sewing program (once per style)

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