Durkopp Adler DA 581-141 CLASSIC

Automatic Double-chainstitch Eyelet Buttonholer With Short Thread Trimmer – Specialized For Maxi Mum Output


Durkopp Adler 581 Series
For The Perfect Eyelet Buttonhole
Innovative Technology – Made In Germany

Initially introduced in 1935, Durkopp Adler’s automats produce first-class buttonholes ever since. With or without eye, with or without tack. In delicate and in heavy fabric, in leather and inknitwear. All our experience is focused on the buttonhole automats 581 BASIC / CLASSIC / MULTIFLEX. Our products stand for perfect quality combined with maximumflexibility. The new high-grade control technology DAC comfort with “machine ID” offers special advantages.

Technical upgrades enable shorter cycle times and increased productivity. The Dürkopp Adler operating concept combined with theapproved graphic program control in a new, modern design guarantees an extremely easy programming of all parameters for a perfect buttonhole.

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– Short thread trimmer for needle thread, looper thread and gimp thread (in case of round eyelets the bobbin thread is cut manually)

– High-quality control system of DAC comfort and Machine-ID

– Machine parameters can be copied by USB-flash drive

– Saving of machine parameters in machine-ID; all pa rameters are retained after changing the control box

– Improved seam quality by optimized needle thread tension with self-monitoring function

– Use of long-life, electro pneumatic valves(regional sourcing – e.g. Asia)

– Gimp thread control (optional)

– Double stitching function for buttonholes

– Sewing equipment with special upper fabric clamps to sew buttonholes in trousers waistbands*

Field of application

Eyelet buttonholes and double-chainstitch round eyelets in trousers, jeans, sportswear and workwear

Performance Features

– Cutting length 10.0 – 32.0 mm (according to sewing equipment)

– Diameter of round eyelets 1.0 – 5.0 mm (according to sewing equipment)

– Max. sewing speed 2,500 stitches/min.
* according to sewing equipment

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